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Ajax Tools Works, Inc Manufacturing and Shipping Schedule in regard to the Coronavirus

Ajax Tools

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We at Ajax Tools appreciate our partnership with our Distributors and our OEM customers.  Ajax Tools supplies many different product groups including Construction tools, Industrial tools, and Automotive tools.  These items are an integral part of the supply chain that supports the Construction, Industrial and Automotive industries.  With this said, Ajax Tools is an essential part of the supply chain that supplies products that are used to keep the country moving.  Starting 3-30-2020 Ajax Tools with be back and fully opened to do our part in keeping the supply chain working to its fullest potential.  If you need any products, we will be able to ship from our inventory and we will be able to continue to manufacture items that are needed.

You can Call, Fax or e-mail Ajax Tools if you have any questions.


Phone: 800-323-9129

Fax: 800-424-2529


Please remember to support your local businesses and buy Made in USA products and services.


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