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Ajax Tools Website Disclaimer & Terms of Service

Please review the Ajax Tools, Inc. ("Ajax Tools") Web Site Disclaimer and Terms of Access. All access to and use of this Web Site is governed by these terms. Entering into this Web Site indicates that you have reviewed the Web Site Terms of Access and have agreed to be bound by them.  

Accuracy of Information 
All information provided on this Web Site is subject to change without notice. While Ajax Tool Works tries to ensure its validity, the information provided is provided "as is" with all faults. While efforts have been made to make this Web Site helpful and accurate, due to the open nature of this Web Site and the potential for errors in the storage and transmission of digital information, Ajax Tools does not warrant the accuracy of information obtained from this Web Site. 

Hypertext Links 
This site may be linked to other sites which are not maintained by Ajax Tools. Ajax Tools is not responsible for the content of those sites. 

Ajax Tools sells its products only to qualified customers for resale or for use in original equipment manufacture. Ajax Tools products are available to users through our network of distributors. For the name of the distributor nearest to you, contact us

Ajax Tools reserves the right to approve any and all requests for literature and customer orders. The information contained in this Web Site does not constitute an offer of sale for any goods and services. 

Access and Use of Information 
Access to this Web Site is limited to viewing the linked Web Pages for legitimate business purposes to access the information provided by Ajax Tools at the Web Site. Any access or attempt to access other areas of the Ajax Tools computer system or other information contained on the system for any purposes is strictly prohibited. You may not use any information on this Web Site other than in connection with a legitimate business purpose. 

Limitation of Liability 
Any liability for consequential and incidental damages is expressly disclaimed. Ajax Tools’s liability in all events is limited to, and shall not exceed, the purchase price paid. 

Disclaimer of Warranties
The Customer assumes the entire risk with respect to their use of this Web Site, and the hardware that is used to access this web site; the risk that any and all information and transactions exchanged or processed through this web site are tampered with by a third party when in transit or through your provision of your customer credentials (as defined herein). The risk of error, failure or nonperformance of your hardware is your risk.

This Web Site is provided "as is", and Ajax Tool Works, Inc. makes no warranty of any kind, express or implied, with respect thereto, including, without limitation, any warranty of merchantability, non-infringement or fitness for a particular purpose or with respect to the availability, accuracy, completeness or timeliness of services.  In addition, Ajax Tool Works, Inc. makes no warranty that this Web Site is totally secure or error free.

 Exclusion of certain damages; limitation of liability except to the extent otherwise required by applicable law, in no event shall Ajax Tool Works, Inc. be liable to you for any special, consequential, incidental, direct or indirect damages of any kind (including, without limitation, loss of profits or data and personal injury), whether or not Ajax Tool Works, Inc. has been advised of the possibility of such loss, however caused, and on any theory of liability arising out of your use of or inability to use this web site, or any hardware that you use to access or use this web site. Except to the extent otherwise required by applicable law, in no event will Ajax Tool Works, Inc. be liable for any claim against you by a third party, and you agree to indemnify and hold Ajax Tool Works, Inc. harmless for any third party claims for costs, damages, expenses or liabilities arising out of or in connection with your use of and the performance of this web site in connection therewith, whether alone or in combination with any other product or service.  Without limiting the foregoing, the Customer acknowledges and agrees to assume the entire risk of and liability for corruption of any malfunction of any equipment. 

Customer Credentials (Name/Password)

The Customer will be assigned a customer credential (Name/Password) to enable them to be identified when using this Web Site.  The customer acknowledges and agrees that the use of your Name/Password with Ajax Tool Works, Inc. is a security method intended to help us maintain the security of your Accounts.  The Customer is responsible for the safekeeping of their Name/Password.  The Customer agrees not to disclose Their Name/Password to anyone and to take all reasonable precautions to protect others from learning their Name/Password.  Any other owner or signer of any Account may obtain a separate Name/Password from us to access such Account.  The Customer acknowledges and agrees that the security, integrity and privacy of any and all information and Transactions exchanged or processed through this Web Site cannot be guaranteed and that any such information may be viewed or tampered with in transit by a third party.  The Customer further acknowledges that Ajax Tool Works, Inc. is not responsible for your failure to safeguard the privacy of your Name/Password. In addition, If for any reason you feel that your security has been compromised it is your responsibility to promptly up-date your security credentials.

Registered Trademarks and Copyrighted Information 

All designs and specification guide information are copyrighted.


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